• A number of our parks have facilities that are suitable for a conference. Depending on the content, form and size of your conference, we offer various possibilities. The employees of Landal Business Line will be happy to give you more information. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.
  • The parks of Landal GreenParks are very suitable for organising a party. Many parks have multipurpose spaces, with or without a theme. In addition, our parks vary from 30 to more than 600 accommodations and from minimal to extensive park facilities. As a result, we offer a wide range of party facilities. The employees of Landal Business Line will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.
  • With the Landal Giftcard you can give someone a stay at one of our parks as a gift. Or contribute to the rental costs. You can choose an amount between €5 and €150.   
    If you choose the digital version, you or the recipient will receive the giftcard by e-mail. If you prefer to receive the Landal Giftcard by post, it will be sent to you. The card is activated with the code we send by e-mail. More information or ready to order?
  • Landal GreenParks has accommodations with room from two to 32 people. It is also possible to book more than one accommodation together. Ask us about the possibilities and we will be pleased to show you what we can offer you and your group. Check our website for more information about the possibilities for groups. 
  • All our parks are characterised by their location in the middle of nature and can best be described as peaceful, spacious and surrounded by nature. After all: Landal Business Line is extraordinary business. That is why you will find several possibilities for group- and team-building activities in and around our parks. Depending on your wishes, we select the parks that meet your requirements.
  • Most Landal parks have one or more catering establishments, from a snack bar to a la-carte restaurants. The selection differs per park and is listed on the park pages. In addition, a large number of parks offer extensive banqueting possibilities and you can book a breakfast service. Would you prefer to eat in your own bungalow? At most parks we offer party grill and barbecue packages. In addition, each accommodation has a kitchen so you and your group can also choose to cook for yourself. We would like to invite you to discuss your wishes with us. The Landal Business Line staff will be happy to provide you with more information.
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  • Landal GreenParks certainly offers opportunities to organise an event at one of our parks in the Netherlands and also abroad. We treat each event as a unique event. That is why we consider your request to be tailor-made. We would be pleased to contact you and discuss your event needs to create an unforgettable experience. We can help you select the most suitable location. With more than 90 locations in nine countries, we have all types of venues that to meet your requirements. More information about the possibilities for events at Landal GreenParks can be found here. We would like to invite you to discuss your wishes with us. The Landal Business Line staff will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.
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  • Are you looking for a unique experience? Then you may want to consider the exclusive rental of an entire park. With an exclusive park rental you can transform your event into an unforgettable experience. Everything in one location; from meetings to overnight stays and from parties to recreation. Landal GreenParks has more than 90 parks in 9 countries. Our parks vary in size, facilities and equipment level. As a result, you can rent a park exclusively for as little as 30 people. Our largest park can even accommodate over 3,000 people. 
    Are you looking for a location in the middle of the forest, on the beach or in a winter sports area? We offer it all. In addition to an exclusive booking you can also do a partial park rental. We will help you choose the most suitable accommodations at the park. When you book an entire park, we always provide a customised booking. Please share your ideas with us, so that we can create a unique experience together.