Temporary housing

General information
  • It is possible to accommodate employees at the parks offered by Landal GreenParks. The same conditions apply for your employees as for our other guests. Due to the fact that we have to uphold a maximum number of business-related bookings, it might occur that we will not be able to accommodate your employees on our park. If this is the case, we will do our best to find an alternative at one of our other parks in the region.
  • All bookings on the parks offered by Landal GreenParks that you want to book for business, are subjected 'Temporary housing'.

    This is irrespective of their duration or the number of bungalows. In the event that you want to make a non-business booking, please visit our website or contact us by phone. In some cases non-business bookings are subjected. 'Temporary housing'.

  •  Landal Business Line can help you with your booking, provided you want to book provided you want to book for a longer period (four weeks or longer) or want to book multiple bungalows (ten bungalows or more). We will confirm your booking in a quotation and will ensure that you can book at the preferred conditions available for a longer period or a group booking. In all other cases we will refer you to the Landal GreenParks website or tel. +31-(0)70 300 35 06.
  • Landal GreenParks provides you with the opportunity to book luxury bungalows with a washing machine, dishwasher, sun bed and extra-luxury facilities, such as a DVD player, flat screen TV and/or bathroom with whirlpool.

    If you want more luxury, then you can also opt for a steam shower cabin, sauna, second bathroom and/or jacuzzi in your own bungalow. View the overview of parks with luxury bungalows.

    Click here for an overview of the parks with luxury accommodations.

  • At Landal GreenParks you will be able to enjoy a stay that will fit your needs: from simple to extra luxurious.

    Would you like an apartment, a bungalow, a beach hut or your own countryhouse with private-sauna? You can also opt for thoughtfully located chalets in stunning winter sports regions or even beautifully thatched farmhouses.

    Whatever you choose, you will always be staying close to nature, you will enjoy the many facilities on the park and you will be staying in a setting where there is so much to discover.

    Are you coming with colleagues, a group of friends, with children or with a school party? Are you thinking about a special meeting location or are you looking for a training room? Make it as fun as you want in our larger bungalows or our special business bungalows.

    Here you can find an overview of our special bungalows.

  • You won't be able to find any inventory lists for the accommodation on our web site. Should you have any queries about the inventory for the accommodation, then contact reception at the park in question.
  • Landal GreenParks has a wide range of types of accommodation. From chalets to villas and from beach huts to safari tents. Furthermore, apartments are also for rent on various parks. All of this accommodation can be booked via Landal Business Line.
Bookings and terms and conditions
  • When making your booking you can book additional services, such as a set of towels per person, a breakfast, dinner or a comfort package.

    For more information and to include extra services in your booking, please contact us.

  • There is a restriction on the number of bungalows that you can book with us. This depends on availability. We can offer you the number of bungalows that are available at the time of your enquiry. To check availability and to book, please contact the Business Line.

    It is also possible to rent out the entire park. For this option, please take a look at the events page.

  • The price of bookings consists of one part rental costs (renting the bungalow) and one part extras. A VAT rate will apply to both parts. The price that you are given by Landal Business Line, will always include a VATE rate of 6% unless specified otherwise. In the Netherlands, a low VAT rate of 6% applies on the price of renting of an accomodation, as well as the price of mandatory extras.

    Some extras will be charged at the higher VAT rate of 21%. This breakdown is shown on your invoice. For bookings on parks outside of the Netherlands, the VAT rate valid in the relevant country applies. This breakdown can also be found on your invoice.
  • You can request a quotation in a number of different ways. On our web site you will be given the option using the 'request a quote' link. This will enable you to quickly and simply request a quotation.

    If you would like a quotation and you have very specific requirements, then you should contact us direct. We will be pleased to take the time to talk through your requirements with you and to see what the most suitable offer is to match your request.

  • Included in the rent is:

    • Cleaning costs
      Electricity, gas, water and heating (with normal use)
    • A cot (bed linen not included) and a chair suitable for small children, if included in bungalow 
    • Access to the (indoor) swimming pool (if available) (access to the swimmingpool on Landal Village l'Eau d'Heure will be granted for a fee)
    • VAT

    Not included in the rent is:

    • Mandatory additional charges:
    • Booking fees: € 25,- (€26,- as of 2018), once per park
    • Bed linen € 8.95 p.p. per person per stay and if applicable: children's bed linen - € 7.50 p.p. per person per stay. If a children's bed is not included as standard in the bungalow, you pay an extra rental fee for the bed
    • Tourist tax and other levies (between € 1 and € 2.80 per night, this amount varies per park) - Final cleaning € 75, € 140 or € 200 once per bungalow (the amount depends on the length of your stay) for business rentals longer than four weeks.
  • If you request a price offer then (at this stage) no bungalows are reserved for you. If you agree with our price offer then you will receive the contract from us. The accommodation is then temporarily reserved for you. The contract you receive from us sets out the period during which the option is valid. We guarantee the availability of the accommodation during the option period.

    Please sign and return the contract to us before the option period expires. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to have an option on last minute reservations.
  • Select your own arrival day; Landal GreenParks provides the option to arrive on alternative days, other than the usual Monday and Friday, on a large number of parks. 

    When booking an alternative stay we kindly request that you contact us direct.

  • Landal GreenParks only processes bookings from people who are 21 or older. Bookings which have been made by people younger than 21 are not valid.

    Landal GreenParks reserves the right to decline alternative bookings, group-bookings in particular, without having to specify the reason for doing so, or to impose special conditions.

  • Specific contract conditions apply for each booking. You can find these in our quotation.
  • Each park has park rules. You and your guests will be given a copy of these park rules upon checking in or they will be in the bungalow. You and your guests must adhere to these rules.
  • Landal Business Line offers many regular discount possibilities. For example, during holiday periods and national holidays.

    If one or more of the discounts apply, they will automatically be included in the price calculation.

  • The discounts only apply in some periods for a limited number of (types of) bungalows/apartments and are on the basis of availability. Individual, often larger types, are excluded from discounts. It may also be the case that during certain periods no weekend or midweek stays are available any longer, only weeks. So don't wait too long before booking!
    • Combined discounts are not possible (except for the 7=6 discount)
    • The discounts only apply to the rental amount
  • To book several bungalows for longer than four weeks (28 nights) you can contact Landal Business Line or fill in a quotation form. As a private individual, you can also come to Landal Business Line if you want to book a longer stay.
  • All details that you submit to us are recorded in a file. This file is registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Agency) in The Hague.

    The data file is used for our administration of guests. These details can also be used to provide targeted information and offers about our products and services, both by us and by third-parties. We do not distribute any data to third-parties.

  • To make a Business Line booking, you need to contact us direct. Our team is ready to draw up an offer for you.

    Please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

  • A mandatory fee for bed linen applies at Landal GreenParks. Bed linen: €7,95 per person per stay and if applicable: children's bed linen: €6,75 per person per stay (€6,95 as of 2018).
Your arrival and stay
  • For all information considering the parks, please visit our website. Each park reception has its own opening hours. You can find the opening hours on the website of your desired park, under the heading ‘good to know’.

    For all questions and information considering the parks, please contact the park reception of the desired park.
  • On the day of arrival, the hand-over of the bungalow key will be after 3.00 p.m.The exact time can be found in your rental agreement. During the consultation, exceptions can be discussed whether an earlier check-in is possible or not. It is possible to use the facilities. The facilities available on the park will be open to use from 10:00 AM.

    On the day of departure, you must leave the house clean and tidy unless specified otherwise. The hand-over of the key on the day of departure will take place not later than 10:30 AM. In case of you moving from one bungalow to another, the same time limit will apply. At Hof van Saksen you have to leave your farmhouse no later than 11.00 AM.

  • If you will be arriving later than the closing time of the park reception, you must report this beforehand to the park reception. They can make an arrangement with you about collecting the bungalow key. The telephone number of the park can be found on the website of the park in question. Under the 'Address and directions' link, you will find the address details, and the telephone number of the park reception.
  • The park is entitled to request a deposit of up to a maximum of € 500 per accommodation unit. In most cases you will be notified of this in advance by the park.

    This is also included in the General Terms and Conditions. If you want to know beforehand whether a deposit is being requested, we advise you to contact the park reception.

  • You or your guests can check in to the park on arrival with a printout of the agreement that you have signed. It is also possible when checking in to give the booking number, which you received with your booking.

    On arrival at the park you may be asked for some proof of identity. Make sure that you or your guests have some ID to hand. If you made a last minute booking, you will have received a booking number by phone or e-mail. When checking in you also need to hand in a night registration form, or download it here.

    For a large check-in (involving several bungalows) it is possible that we can make alternative arrangements with you to ensure that this takes place as flexibly as possible.

Payment and insurance
  • We request that you pay for the booking in accordance with the terms of payment, which are stated in the agreement. These conditions correspond with the date(s) that are stated on your invoice. In some cases we request that you make the payment as a matter of urgency, depending on the nature of the booking (e.g. last-minute). You will be informed of this in the agreement or the e-mail confirmation.
  • You will receive an invoice for your booking. You can meet the payment date(s) by making a transfer to the Business Line bank account:
    • from the Netherlands: NL30 RABO 0142 1595 14
    • from other countries: IBAN: NL30 RABO 0142 1595 14 – BIC: RABONL2U
  • For rentals of accommodation and some extras, in the Netherlands the low rate of 9% VAT applies. For some, usually luxury, extras, the high rate of 21% VAT applies. For parks abroad, the VAT rate that is operating in the relevant country applies. We state the VAT rate and the associated amount on the invoice.
Changes & cancellations
  • You can cancel your booking in accordance with the terms of cancellation, which are stated in your contract. In all cases we request that you confirm your cancellation in writing.
  • You can amend your booking up to 14 days prior to arrival, by contacting the Business Line. This applies when changing the bungalows, the extras, the programme or the number of people. Depending on the amendment it is possible that costs will be incurred – if this is the case, we will inform you; it is always the case that amending a booking is subject to availability. One exception applies when amending a booking. Changing the number of bungalows to fewer is viewed as being a partial cancellation. Our terms of cancellation as stated in your agreement apply in respect of this.