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What possibilities are there for care groups at Landal GreenParks?
Landal GreenParks offers a wide range of care accommodations. Care and holidays go well together! At Landal GreenParks there are special bungalows for guests with a disability, dialysis patients, guests with a hearing impairment, blind or a visual impairment and guests with respiratory diseases. A number of parks also offer accommodations for groups who travel with assistance. The Landal Business Line staff will be happy to advise you about the possibilities
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Can customised care also be offered in the accommodations?
For guests who need extra assistance and care, Landal GreenParks has entered into a partnership with Comfortzorg, one of the best and most experienced organisations in the field of home care at holiday locations. Through the Comfortzorg network, you can count on receiving all the care and aids you also receive at home at any of our Dutch parks. The desired nursing, care and requests for care aids will be planned and documented in telephone consultation with you. For this you need to contact Comfortzorg yourself via telephone number +31 (0)900-234 12 34.
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Do any of the parks have accommodations suitable for the disabled?
Several parks offer accommodations that have been adapted for guests with a disability, for example, the bathroom, toilet and/or kitchen have been modified.
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Are there also parks with accommodation suitable for asthma patients?
Landal GreenParks has specially adapted asthma/CNSLD-friendly accommodations for people with asthma/CNSLD, called the lung villas. These accommodations are equipped with smooth flooring such as laminate and tile floors. There is no fireplace (with the exception of a few parks) and the materials for curtains and furniture have all been selected according to the guidelines of the Pulmonary Foundation. Of course smoking is not allowed in these accommodations and pets are not allowed. In addition, the cleaning service follows special instructions.
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What possibilities are there for schools/associations at Landal GreenParks?
You are also welcome at Landal GreenParks for your next club outing, study trip or school trip. In addition to accommodations of various sizes, many parks also offer activity programmes for groups in or near the park. With more than 90 locations in nine countries, there is surely a location that suits your needs. The Landal Business Line staff will be happy to advise you about the possibilities.
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Is it possible to book several bungalows next to each other or close together?
Yes, this is definitely possible. At all parks it is possible to book several accommodations next to each other, provided of course that they are available. Ask the Landal Business Line staff member for availability and possibilities.
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How many parks does Landal GreenParks have with accommodation for 10 people or more?
Landal GreenParks has 13 parks with accommodations for 10 to 32 people. In addition, we have reunion bungalows at three parks. These reunion bungalows consist of three detached 6-person bungalows (situated next to each other) with a bungalow that has been completely transformed into a very spacious living room with a large kitchen. You can stay with up to 18 people in the three bungalows and have breakfast here with your own group of friends or school group. You can use the luxurious living room bungalow as a meeting place where you can gather and even cook and dine with 18 people.
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Is a deposit requested at the parks on arrival?
Landal GreenParks may ask for a deposit at the beginning of your stay. The deposit is a maximum of €500 per accommodation. This amount may be adjusted by Landal GreenParks in the event of special circumstances, such as group bookings. The deposit will be paid on site in euros. This is also included in the General Terms and Conditions. 
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How can you make your stay even more pleasant?
Landal Business Line can take the worry out of your stay in a bungalow. We can provide a grocery package for your bungalow or a freshly prepared breakfast delivered straight to your door! Did you book the comfort package? Then we will make sure that your bed is made and that there is a towel package and kitchen towels ready for you in the bungalow. With our extra service we make your stay even more pleasant and convenient. If we do not (yet) have something in our selection, we can accommodate many other wishes with our customised service.
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What catering establishments are on the parks?
Most Landal parks have one or more dining options, from a snack bar to a la-carte restaurants. The selection differs per park and is listed on the park pages. In addition, at a large number of parks we offer extensive banqueting services and you can book a breakfast service. Would you prefer to eat in your own bungalow? At most parks we offer a Party Grill package and barbecue packages. In addition, each accommodation has a kitchen so you and your group can also choose to cook for yourself. We would like to invite you to discuss your wishes with us. The staff of Landal Business Line will be happy to provide you with more information. 
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What are the possibilities for group and team building activities at the parks?
All our parks are located in the middle of nature and can best be described as peaceful, spacious and surrounded by nature. After all,: Landal Business Line is extraordinary business. You will find several possibilities for group and teambuilding activities in and around our parks. We select those parks that fulfil your wishes. 
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Are there any accommodations catered to groups?
Landal GreenParks has accommodations with room from two to 32 people. It is also possible to book more than one accommodation together. Ask us about the possibilities and we will be pleased to show you what we can offer you and your group. Check our website for more information about the possibilities for groups. 
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