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Temporary housing

Can I accommodate employees in Landal GreenParks' accommodations?
It is possible to accommodate employees in the parks of Landal GreenParks. Different conditions may apply to your employees than to our other guests, for example a maximum occupancy of 1 person per bedroom. There is also a maximum number of business reservations at our parks. It is therefore possible that, if the maximum number of bungalows available for business reservations has been booked, we will not be able to accommodate your employees in our park. In that case we will do our very best to find alternative accommodation at one of our parks in the region. For more information and availability for your employees, please contact us
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I want to book a long-term stay at one of your parks, how does this work?
Please tell us your wishes for a long-term stay (preferred park, period and number of persons) and we will send you a price quote by e-mail. If you agree, we will require your address and contact information to draw up the agreement for you. After we send you the agreement, the bungalow is temporarily reserved for you. As soon as we have received your signed agreement, we will convert this temporary reservation into a definite reservation. Within a few days you will receive the invoice by email with the different payment terms. The down payment (first term) has to be paid within two weeks after signing, the remaining amount will be divided over different payment terms. If the arrival date of the stay takes place within four weeks, counting from the booking date, the first four weekly instalment must also be paid in advance. Landal Business Line applies a notice period of four weeks. Of course, you can read all the conditions in the agreement we send you when you want to book a long-term stay. 
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Is there a washing machine in the bungalow where I will stay for a longer period of time?
No, a washing machine is not a standard feature in the bungalows of Landal GreenParks. It differs per park and type of accommodation. On our website you can see the exact features and amenities of each accommodation. If there is no washing facility in the bungalow, many parks will offer a central laundry facility at the park. You can enquire at the reception about the possibilities and prices.
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How are the prices composed?
The prices of our reservations consist of a rental fee and mandatory additional costs.

The rental price includes the following:
  • Cleaning costs
  • Electricity, gas, water and heating (at normal use)
  • The first cot and high chair, if standardly available in the bungalow
  • Access to park facilities
  • VAT
The following mandatory costs are not included in the rental price:
  • Reservation fees
  • Bed linen and, if applicable, cot bed linen. If a cot is not standardly included in the bungalow, you will pay extra for the cot.
  • Tourist tax
For a corporate long term stay (more than four weeks) the following mandatory costs are added:
  • Final cleaning
  • Weekly change of bed linen
  • Weekly cleaning of toilet and bathroom
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What VAT percentage is charged?
The prices you receive from Landal Business Line always include VAT, unless stated otherwise. Accommodation rental in the Netherlands is subject to the low 9% VAT rate. Most mandatory extras are also subject to this low rate. The tourist tax is VAT-exempt. Some extras are charged at the high VAT rate of 21%. This breakdown will be shown on your invoice. Reservations for parks outside the Netherlands are subject to the VAT rate of the country in question. You will also find this breakdown on your invoice.
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Am I obliged to pay for bed linen for a stay?
Bed linen is a mandatory rental at Landal GreenParks. The 2020 costs for this are as follows: €8.95 per person per stay and, if applicable, cot linen is €7.50 per person per child per stay. If a cot is not standardly included in the bungalow, we will charge an extra fee for the cot rental.
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Are all the accommodations furnished?
Yes, all accommodations in our parks are furnished. Besides a living room, several bedrooms and a bathroom, there is always a fully equipped kitchen. There is no inventory list of the accommodations on our website. If you have any questions about the inventory of the accommodations, please contact the reception of the park in question. You will find the contact details for each park on our website.
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Will it be necessary to move during the rental period?
If you rent long-term accommodations at one of our parks, you may be required to move during your stay. Some parks require you to move every three months, others do not. It is also possible that because of many preferential bookings during the holiday periods, you may not be able to book a stay in one and the same accommodation. We will note it in the price quote if an interim move will be required during the rental period. Of course, we always do our best to offer a stay that does not require an interim move.
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Can I reserve accommodation for employees for a longer period of time?
It is possible to book accommodation for a longer period. At Landal Business Line you can reserve for a maximum of 26 consecutive weeks. For details, availability, prices, conditions and reservations, please contact us or request a free quote.
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I'm looking for temporary housing for a couple of months. From what price per month can I reserve a stay at Landal GreenParks?
On our website you will find various price indications for several parks for a 4-week period. These include price indications for the parks that accommodate most of our long-term guests. The price indications are average prices based on an annual price. Please note that the prices are subject to seasonal demand. For example, a stay in November may be cheaper than the average price and a stay in the summer months may be more expensive. Interested in one of the other parks of Landal GreenParks? Then ask for a free quote.
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When can I book as a private person with the Landal Business Line?
As a private individual, you can contact Landal Business Line if you wish to make a reservation for a longer period (four weeks or longer) or for multiple bungalows (ten bungalows or more). We will compose a customised price quote for you. After you sign the contract, we will confirm the reservation for you. Not looking for a longer stay or are you interested in booking fewer than 10 bungalows? In that case we would like to refer you to Landal GreenParks or contact our colleagues at the Contact Centre via +31 (0)900 8842.
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