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Is it possible to hold a meeting at one of the parks of Landal GreenParks?
Landal GreenParks provides the option of holding meetings at various parks in the Netherlands and abroad. Everything is possible at Landal GreenParks, from a meeting in Limburg to a meeting in Friesland, and from a meeting in a park in the middle of the woods to a meeting on the coast. An overview of our meeting parks and the options available at these parks can be found here. The Landal Business Line team will gladly advise you on the options available at our parks.
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Is it possible to reserve a meeting room for one day?
It is certainly possible to reserve our meeting rooms for one day. For the possibilities at each park and to reserve, please contact the reception desk of the park in question. The contact information for each park is available on our website.
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Is it possible to organise multi-day meetings?
Yes, it is certainly possible to organise multi-day meetings at Landal GreenParks. Our parks feature a full-service concept: everything in one park surrounded by nature. Our parks therefore lend themselves perfectly for combining your meeting with an outdoor programme, various F&B options and/or comfortable accommodations. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you plan an inspiring multi-day programme.
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Do you also offer meeting packages?
Yes, we have put together a number of meeting packages for you.
  • 4-hour meeting package
  • 8-hour meeting package
  • 12-hour meeting package
The content and price of these meeting packages may vary per park. More information about these meeting packages is available here. It is also possible to combine meetings with team building activities or a F&B programme. The Landal Business Line staff will be happy to advise you about the possibilities in our parks.
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How can you make your stay even more pleasant?
Landal Business Line can take the worry out of your business stay in a bungalow. For example, we can deliver a grocery package or a freshly prepared breakfast right to your bungalow! Did you book the comfort package? Then we also make sure your bed is made and a towel package and kitchen towels are ready for you at the bungalow. This frees up your time and energy to focus on your corporate goals or relax after a meeting. You can even eat a fun meal around a table grill with all your guests. This will transform your business meeting into a casual and informal gathering. Want to treat yourself to more luxury? Then join us in our restaurant for a three-course dinner. Our extra service provides you with more convenience for a more enjoyable stay. By combining luxury with the comfort of home, we ensure a pleasant stay for your corporate guests. Can't find what you are looking for in our selection? Please contact us so we can put together a customised service. 
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Options for meetings

Is it possible to hold meetings in the bungalow?
Yes, it's certainly possible to meet in a bungalow. There are several possibilities for this. You can have a meeting in one of the regular large bungalows or book the all-in-one Business Bungalow concept. We will gladly work with you to find the location that best meets your needs. Various parks have large accommodations for 12, 16, 24 or even 32 people, which are extremely suitable for meetings. The Landal Business bungalow concept consists of three detached 6-person bungalows grouped together, each with three 2-person bedrooms. In addition, there is a detached meeting bungalow that serves as a communal area and features a spacious sitting area, a large dining kitchen and a large terrace with barbecue facilities. These bungalows are located in the middle of nature and are therefore an excellent location for an MT meeting or a training session. More information about these business bungalows can be found here
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Is it possible to have an outdoor meeting at one of the parks?
Landal GreenParks stands for Green, which is also reflected in our meeting facilities. How about holding your meeting in a real teepee tent, for example? This outdoor location lends itself perfectly to a meeting in a special place. You can also organise your break-out session outside at a picnic bench or combine your meeting with a nice walk in the surroundings of the park guided by a forest ranger.
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Is it possible to combine a meeting with drinks, a dinner or an evening programme?
Yes, that is certainly possible; the Business Line staff will gladly inform you of the options. Depending on the park, you can combine your meeting with drinks, dinner, a beach barbecue, or an evening program. If you stay overnight, you can have a freshly prepared breakfast delivered to your bungalow or have breakfast in the restaurant with your group. A lot is possible, and we will gladly collaborate with you to develop a fully customized proposal.
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Is it possible to combine a meeting with teambuilding activities?
Yes, this is certainly possible. Depending on the choice of park, it is possible to organise a wide range of activities. This is often done by the park's Fun & Entertainment team, but we also collaborate with external organisations. Some examples of team-building activities:
  • An active sailing trip that promotes teamwork
  • A relaxing walk with the forest ranger
  • Hitting the golf ball on the driving range
  • A pub quiz at the restaurant
  • A sushi workshop where you prepare your own food
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