Group accommodation

The Business Line department specialises in customised group stays on our parks. Whether it is accommodation for a corporate event for 100 people or a family reunion for at least 10, our team can organise everything for you down to the very last detail.
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If you want to thank or reward your colleagues or business partners with a stay at Landal GreenParks, you have come to the right place at Landal Business Line.
This may be in the form of an event that is fully catered to with an emphasis on simplicity and relaxation, or by giving your colleague or business partner a gift voucher for a stay on one of our parks.
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Locations for school trips or study trips

The parks offered by Landal GreenParks are the ideal base for an inspiring school trip or study trip.

With more than 90 parks in 9 countries there is a suitable location for every school group. You may find a few suggestions below:

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Team building

Together: doing things together, having fun together and working together. This is what team building is all about. Achieving results as a group and then translating into everyday life.
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Skiing with colleagues or relations

You will also find full-service group stays at our winter sports parks. You can book a variety of apartments or chalets next to one another from Ladal Business, complete with ski pass, half board and an activity programme.
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Catered to care groups

Being able to enjoy a good holiday is not self-evident for everyone. If additional care or supervision is required, then there is a lot to think about. The 90 or so parks belonging to Landal GreenParks are the ideal location for different types of care packages, supervised group trips and guest houses. The parks are situated right in the heart of the natural landscape and offer a wide range of activities on and around the park. There are a variety of facilities for your convenience.
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