Group accommodation

The Business Line department specialises in customised group stays on our parks. Whether it is accommodation for a corporate event for 100 people or a family reunion for at least 10, our team can organise everything for you down to the very last detail.

Overnight accommodation with your group

In addition to the overnight accommodation, if desired, we are able to organise a complete program for you. From breakfast, lunch, dinner and a celebrational evening involving the whole group to a sporty, educational or cultural programme in and around the park. What do you think about setting off bright and early with the forest ranger to spot deer?

Your group can enjoy different types of overnight accommodations on our parks. With us you can book large bungalows, business bungalows or several accommodation units next to each another. This way, you are able to determine your own level of privacy. Maybe, for example, you want people to have their own bedroom or may be it's not a problem to share with colleagues, friends or family.

  • Large bungalows

    Many parks also have large bungalows catering from upwards of 10 people. Even for 24 and 32 people!

  • Business bungalows

    You can also choose the business bungalows, which consist of three detached 6-person bungalows (situated next to each another) including a bungalow, which has been completely transformed into one very large living room with a large kitchen.

  • Several accommodation units next to each another

    We offer the opportunity to book several properties next to one another if it's prefered to keep the group close together. This way you can still enjoy your own privacy but you are all close by. Find out about the options.

  • Rent your own park

    On our parks you can bring to 3,000 people, in which case it is even possible to rent your own park.

Complete programme

There is often a lot involved when, for example, you want to plan activities, outings or a dinner for a larger group. On many of our parks we offer special sport, educational and cultural activities, excursions and a variety of catering services that are specially made for groups.

With more than 85 parks in 9 countries, you'll quickly feel like you're no longer able to see the wood for the trees. Each group has its own preferences which is why we put these programmes together on an individual basis in consultation with you. We will be pleased to advise you!