Burgers Zoo - Landal Miggelenberg - March 2013

Customer: Burgers Zoo - Landal Miggelenberg - March 2013 Category: Groups

At the beginning of March 2013, Landal Miggelenberg was the ‘place to stay’ for a group of 100 zoo employees from all over Europe who attended a congress in Burgers' Zoo from Monday to Friday.

The conference participants - many of them were unfamiliar with the ‘bungalow park’ concept - were very enthusiastic about Landal Miggelenberg. Very clean bungalows, beautiful bathrooms and above all, their wonderful location. For people who love nature and animals it was great. At dawn, a few people went out to spot woodpeckers and other birds, long before they had an extensive, delicious breakfast. People from abroad highly praised the tasty varieties of bread that people weren't used to from the Dutch restaurants. The employees were friendly and flexible in their service. One participant commented: ‘The event was intensive, but yet it felt as if I was on holiday!’