Förch - Landal Heideheuvel - 2010

Customer: Förch - Landal Heideheuvel - 2010 Category: Meetings

Meetings among the squirrels

Emil Janischka, Sales Manager at Förch: ‘With a sales meeting every month, it's a pleasure to organise it at Landal GreenParks. The employees of Landal GreenParks know what hospitality is, they arrange anything you ask: from beamer to whiteboard, from coffee with a biscuit in the morning to the various refreshments of tea and coffee in the afternoon. While working, I can concentrate entirely on the meeting’s agenda, while Landal GreenParks takes care of the rest. The location doesn't need any remark, because let's be honest, a quiet environment with squirrels around you, what better place to meet than Landal Heideheuvel?’