Red Bull Crashed Ice

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Kasteeldomein De Cauberg acted as a point of departure for the Red Bull crew, VIPs and as the athletes' village for the skaters. Unwind after a day full of excitement.

On Saturday, 4 February 2012 Valkenburg and de Cauberg were included in the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship. Thanks to the snow and the icy temperatures, Valkenburg had acquired the fitting appearance of an idyllic winter sports village.

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2012

In spite of the low temperatures, about 25,000 visitors from all over the country braved the cold to be present at the event. Frenzied fans and spectators lined the 600 meter long track, the longest and steepest in the world, prepared to see the tough battle on the ice with their own eyes and to encourage their idols.

Well known national and international skaters flew by at speeds of about 70 km per hour over the spectacular track full of bumps, barriers and obstacles to the finish. Speed, balance, physical strength and technique were the basic requirements for all skaters competing in the Ice Cross Downhill. The rules of play were simple; whoever gets down first is the winner.

Landal De Cauberg as a home base

Landal Kasteeldomein De Cauberg was turned into the Red Bull Crashed Ice Athletes' Village for the special event. Throughout the event the home basis for the Red Bull Crew, VIPs and the Red Bull skaters.

Positive experience

Remo Speijers, one of the participants in the spectacular Red Bull Crashed Ice Valkenburg (4 February 2012), shares his experiences about the Red Bull Athletes' Village: “'You stand at the top of an elevated ice track. A track consists of sharp bends and violent jumps, where you need to fight for your place. You know that you really need to flick a switch to be able to skate the steep slope down tot he bottom at 70 kilometres per hour. If you want to perform, then you must be in top condition physically and mentally. Sleeping well and finding a place where you can rest your head and enjoy peace is essential. During Red Bull Crashed Ice in Valkenburg we were sleeping less than 100 metres away from the track. At Landal Kasteeldomein De Cauberg together with Glenn and Bart, de other two lads from the Dutch team, I had a luxury villa. Here we were able to relax to the full. We once again arranged a massage, made use of the sauna and enjoyed evenings stretched out on the couch in the evening. It was great that there were plenty of parking spaces around the bungalow and on a number of occasions we enjoyed some lovely meals out in the restaurant with a fairly large group. A first-class place for top preparation for a top event!" ”