Landal Hoog Vaals

On and among the hills of South Limburg are 355 spacious accommodations of Landal Hoog Vaals. With a golf course, beauty salon and indoor play paradise is pamper the code word on this holiday. The environment is just as delicious. Streams, caves, river valleys, the St. Peter. But Maastricht and the imperial city of Aachen are also nearby. From Vaals you’ll discover Limburg at its most beautiful. With rolling hills, spectacular limestone caves and the temperature here is always just that little bit higher than in the rest of the Netherlands, you feel like a bit abroad. Your spacious, two-story property is an excellent base for excursions. Also in the property lacks you nothing. A number of large accommodation is wonderfully luxurious with a sauna and solarium. And you fancy a game of golf? Landal Hoog Vaals also has a golf course.

Delightful Limburg

Landal Hoog Vaals is situated between the hills of South Limburg, near the point where the three countries meet. The park is close to Vaals, Maastricht and Aachen and is near the A76.

  • Approx. 28 km from Maastricht
  • Car-free park (central car park)
  • Golf course
  • Launderette
  • Parkshop
  • Swimming pool


The park has 355 bungalows for four to twenty-four people offering standard to luxury facilities. These bungalows include children´s bungalows, bungalows for disabled guests, bungalows for guests with respiratory conditions/COPD and a Vision Villa. This means you are sure to find accommodation that meets your requirements.


The park has a wide range of facilities including a variety of catering establishments, an indoor swimming pool and a golf course.