Landal Villapark Vogelmient

Isn’t it peaceful here? We are on Texel. White crests on the sea. The wind blowing through the tall beach grass. A beach pavilion is making eyes at us up from afar. Are you ready for a nice hot cup of chocolate? Landal Villapark Vogelmient is separated from the North Sea by just a narrow band of woodland. Here you will be able to go for endless walks or simply relax in the sun. The surf, the beach and the dunes will be your neighbours for the next few days. And on the other side of the park, it is only a short walk to the pleasant village of De Koog. All your comforts will be to hand in the super luxury detached villas.

Discover Texel

The bungalows at Landal Villapark Vogelmient are situated on the island of Texel right by de Koog.

  • Approx. 12 km from ’t Horntje ferry port
  • Sailing time from Den Helder +/- 20 min.
  • Situated right by woodland and dunes
  • Parking for two cars by the villa
  • Restaurant/café-bistro
  • ParkShop
  • Free Wi-Fi in all villas and at Reception


The park has 60 luxury villas for four to six people offering comfort to luxury facilities. This villas also include smoke-free and pet-free units. This means you are sure to find accommodation that meets your requirements.


Landal Villapark Vogelmient is situated on the Wadden island of Texel, in De Koog and is situated right by woodland and dunes, close to the beach.

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