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Many organizations have previously chosen our parks to host their events, meetings, or group trips and have been delighted with their experiences. Click the button below to read all of our references.
Landal Gift Card
Are you in search of a unique business gift or a way to recognize a colleague's efforts? Delight your coworkers or business partners with an innovative incentive by presenting them with a Landal GreenParks gift card. The Landal Gift Card promises an unforgettable experience at one of our parks, whether it's in your home country or abroad. With over 120 parks across eight countries, Landal GreenParks offers a variety of settings, including beaches, forests, heathlands, and mountains. This ensures that you always have an exceptional gift for a valued colleague or business associate.
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About Landal Business Line

Landal Business Line is the business department of Landal GreenParks. You can reach out to us for all your business-related bookings, whether you need temporary accommodation or a completely organized event. Additionally, we cater to private guests who intend to rent accommodation for more than 28 nights or wish to make a group reservation involving more than 20 accommodations.

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