Events at Landal GreenParks

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The best events for your team
Searching for the perfect team outing this year? Our parks offer a unique opportunity to enhance team bonding in a natural setting. The quiet and inspiring environment encourages creative thinking, making it an ideal place to strategize for the upcoming year or celebrate past achievements. If you're planning a company party, we provide ample space to accommodate your needs. Want to make it an overnight event? You can even rent an entire park and craft your own village experience.
Extras to book
Landal Business Line simplifies your corporate stay in a bungalow. Consider options like a grocery package or a freshly delivered breakfast. We can arrange a prepared bed and towel set too. 
This way, you can concentrate on your business visit or unwind post-meeting or work. Even a gourmet experience in the bungalow is possible for your group.

This way, the business visit also becomes an informal get-together. Seeking more luxury? Treat yourself to a three-course dinner in our restaurant. 
Our added services enhance your stay, making it smoother and more delightful. Offering the luxury and convenience of home, your business guests will truly appreciate their time here. If we haven't covered your needs (yet), our customization options ensure we can fulfill your requirements.

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By the sea

Experience a unique overnight stay surrounded by the dunes and awaken to the soothing sound of the waves at either Landal Strand Resort Ouddorp Duin or Beach Resort Ooghduyne. Let the sandy setting inspire fresh ideas and creativity to flow naturally.

Sustainable homes

Choose an eco-friendly accommodation at Landal, where sustainability is a priority. Our energy-efficient, natural gas-free, and sustainably built homes incorporate features like solar panels, excellent insulation, and the use of recycled materials. Inquire about the options available to ensure a sustainable and environmentally-conscious stay.

Safari tents

Immersed in nature, our safari tents await you across several parks: Landal Coldenhove, Rabbit Hill, Sluftervallei, Wirfttal, and Warsberg. Embrace the charm of camping while enjoying the comforts of home! Additionally, we offer two parks exclusively featuring safari tents: Landal Gooise Heide and Glamping Neufchâteau.

Tipi tents

While not traditional accommodations, our Tipi Tents offer the perfect setting for guests to gather around a campfire, connect, and create cherished memories amidst nature. You can find Tipi Tents at Landal Landgoed 't Loo, Miggelenberg, and Aelderholt.