Group accommodations

Group accommodation at Landal

You don’t have to drive home after a successful corporate event or company outing at Landal. Our parks have more than enough room to provide you with accommodations. The Landal Business Line staff will not only ensure you have a successful party, but also a good night’s sleep. We can also help organise a family reunion. The accommodations for 10, 24 or 32 people provide enough space for all family members, but we can also reserve multiple accommodation next to each other for you.

Complete programmes for groups

Organising activities for large groups is an art in itself. We are experts at providing customers with this service. At our parks, we can organise sporting, gastronomic, educational and cultural activities. We will make a programme fully suited to your requirements and the composition of your group. And all of that in a wonderful and inspiring environment. You can choose from over 115 parks in 9 countries.

Bookable extras

Landal Business Line can provide you with a carefree corporate stay in a bungalow. Think of things including a grocery package in the bungalow or a freshly-prepared breakfast delivered to your bungalow! We can also ensure that your bed is made and that there is a towel package waiting for you. You could focus completely on your corporate visit or you could opt for relaxation after a meeting or long day of work. It is even possible to enjoy a fun meal around a table grill in the bungalow with your group.
Your corporate visit will then also be an informal gathering. Are you looking for something more luxurious? Then have a seat in our restaurant and enjoy a three-course dinner. Our extra services will make your visit easier and more pleasant. Furthermore, with the luxury and comforts of home your corporate guests will have a lovely stay. If there is something missing from our range of options, then our customised options can make all the difference.

Enquire about the possibilities 

Special outings for large groups

We welcome all kinds of groups at Landal GreenParks. From students to colleagues and from families to carers. A small selection of what we can offer:
  • School or study trip
    Education and relaxation go well together. So choose a Landal park as a perfect base for a school or study trip.

  • Winter sports with colleagues or business relations
    Slide down the slopes together. A sporting and relaxing idea. Landal Business Line can arrange everything for your corporate winter sports trip: ski passes, accommodation, half board and an activity programme.

  • Care holidays and guided group tours
    Sometimes, you need extra help at an event. That could be an adapted bungalow or even medical care. Everyone can enjoy a care-free stay at our parks. Our accommodations are suitable as guest houses or for care holidays.

  • Out and about with the association
    Landal Business Line can plan group activities in beautiful surroundings for an association outing. You hire the best accommodation surrounded by natural beauty.