Business outing

Three reasons why Landal is the perfect location for a company outing

There are lots of reasons why a holiday at Landal is a great idea. But there are equally as many reasons to hold your company event at a Landal park. Here are three of them:

1. The location of our parks
A relaxing company outing starts in an attractive enivornment. Our parks are located in the heart of nature. This means you get to organise a company outing at an inspiring location, from the middle of a forest to the top of a mountain.

2. Our expertise
Our Fun & Entertainment teams are experts at coming up with unique, exciting, inspiring and surprising company activities. They put together a programme based on your wishes that will be talked about and remembered for years to come.

3. Our hospitality
At Landal, we know all too well how important hospitality is. And you notice it. You can count on a personal approach and perfect organisation of your company outing.

The perfect location for a custom company outing

You can choose from no fewer than 90 parks in nine countries. The one location is perfect for sporty activities, the other for a cultural experience and yet another for water activities. So will it be shouting from the mountaintop or a sophisticated wine tasting? You decide and we make it happen - naturally in a manner that fits your company to the tee.