Care groups

Catered to care groups

Being able to enjoy a good holiday is not self-evident for everyone. If additional care or supervision is required, then there is a lot to think about. The 90 or so parks belonging to Landal GreenParks are the ideal location for different types of care packages, supervised group trips and guest houses. The parks are situated right in the heart of the natural landscape and offer a wide range of activities on and around the park. There are a variety of facilities for your convenience.

Specially adapted bungalows

We offer accommodation at various parks that has been specially adapted for disabled people. For example, the bathroom, the toilet and/or the kitchen have been adapted. Many parks also have group bungalows catering for between 8 and 32 people. In addition, there are bungalows suitable for people with asthma/COPD, bungalows for partially sighted people and a bungalow for the hard-of-hearing.

Here you can find an overview with accommodation suitable for disabled people.