Care groups

Specially for care groups

Going on a nice holiday is not a matter of course for everyone. If additional care or support is required, it can be a lot of work. Landal GreenParks' more than 90 parks are perfect for various care holidays, guided group tours and guest houses. The parks are situated in the middle of the countryside and offer a wide range of activities in and around the park. There are various options for entertainment.

Modified bungalows

At our parks, we have accommodations that were specially adapted for the disabled. The bathrooms, toilet and/or the kitchen have been modified. Many parks also have group bungalows for 8 to 32 people. There are also bungalows suitable for people with asthma/COPD, bungalows for the visually impaired and a bungalow for guests with a hearing impairment.

Here you can find an overview of the parks with accommodation suitable for the disabled.