Locations for school trips or study trips

The parks offered by Landal GreenParks are the ideal base for an inspiring school trip or study trip.

From woods to heathlands and from beaches to mountains, all Landal GreenParks are surrounded by natural beauty. With over 115 parks in 9 countries, we have the perfect location for everyone. Discover what the countryside has to offer during a lovely hiking or biking tour, without having to go far from your accommodation.

Suggestions for trips

  • Cultural trip to Limburg

    What do you think about a cultural trip to Maastricht and the tripoint of the Vaalserberg in the hilly landscape at Landal Hoog Vaals? This park offers special packages for school groups with a wide range of activities in the surrounding area. Experience Burgundian Limburg from this top location.

  • Experience the natural beauty of the Wadden islands

    Our seven parks on the Wadden islands are an excellent base for a school trip in search of natural beauty. The natural setting is unspoilt, rugged and constantly changing. Combine a fascinating biology lesson with a dip in the sea and then an afternoon on the mudflats.

  • Active in the Veluwe

    The Veluwe, an outstanding area full of heathland and woodland, full of things to experience: from cycle rides to hikes with the Forest Ranger, archery, GPS tours to getting up close to grazing cattle. In addition to the natural landscape, the Kröller-Muller museum is also definitely worth a visit. You can stay at one of our nine parks in the Veluwe.

  • The beauty of Drenthe

    Discover the wonders of Drenthe. Wander through the landscape by foot, on horseback or in a covered wagon and take a trip back in time. From forests to heathlands and picturesque villages, Drenthe has plenty to offer in every season.


Our parks have plenty of accommodation suitable for large groups. From a large bungalow for the whole group or several smaller bungalows for more privacy. Complete your stay with one of the comfort packages and hotel service.


Almost all parks have an extensive entertainment programme specially for schools. This can of course be combined with various catering options, such as a final dinner or evening party. Go to the team building page for more inspiration.

With more than 115 parks in 9 countries you'll quickly feel like you're no longer able to see the wood for the trees. Each school group has different wishes and needs, that is why our team is pleased to advise you about the options and parks that best fit in with your preferences.

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