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All-inclusive stays at the most beautiful locations
Are you a member of an association or club that frequently plans weekends or longer getaways? Landal Business Line specializes in organizing customized group activities for associations at various Landal GreenParks locations, even for associations with a large number of members. Whether you want to take 100 sporty club members on a road bike tour in Germany or spend a week around the Frisian lakes with the sailing club, our team can handle all the details. You can rent the finest and most beautiful accommodations for your club through Landal Business Line, ensuring a memorable trip for everyone involved!
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Large bungalows for large associations

In our spacious bungalows, you can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay with 10 or more members of your association. If that's not large enough, consider booking a complete group accommodation that can accommodate up to 32 people. This way, there's always enough room for everyone!
- Large bungalows
- Living room bungalow with three overnight bungalows
- Group houses