The business bungalows

The concept consists of three closely situated, detached 6-person bungalows, configured as three 2-person bedrooms. In addition, there is a detached 'meeting' bungalow, which serves as a shared space and is fitted, among other this, with a kitchen. In beautiful weather there is room for the whole group on the terrace.

Meeting in the middle of nature

When discussing accommodation offered by Landal GreenParks, then nearly everyone thinks about privacy, nature, tranquillity and holidays. However, not everyone realises that it is also possible to meet in specially designed business bungalows.

The business bungalows offer meeting space for up to twelve people and are therefore ideal as a location for a meeting, a 'cabin retreat' session or as a training location. These bungalows are situated in a natural setting and thanks to the adjacent sleeping accommodation are ideal for small-scale, multi-day gatherings. In the mean time, various customers have experienced this concept for themselves and the reactions are always full of praise.