About Landal Business Line

Landal Business Line is the business department of Landal GreenParks. You can contact us for all of your business bookings, from temporary hiring of accommodation to an event that is fully catered for. Even if you should want to rent accommodation for longer than 28 nights as a non-business private guest or make a group booking for more than 20 properties, then you can contact us. These types of bookings fall under the expertise of Landal Business Line.

In the middle of nature

With Landal Business Line you can arrange company parties, temporary living space, company outings or meeting rooms. You can even organize a complete event. We can also make reservations for large groups (more than 20 accommodations).

Unforgettable holidays are in our nature

Landal GreenParks is a dynamic, trendsetting organisation in terms of management, administration and the letting of bungalow parks. Landal GreenParks has more than 115 parks in total containing approximately 13.700 bungalows. With more than 60 parks in the Netherlands, Landal is the leader among Dutch providers of bungalow parks. Outside of the Netherlands, Landal has parks in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark and England. Seven of the parks have camp sites in total offering approximately 1,450 camping pitches.
Landal GreenParks stands out from other providers based on the open layout of the parks. The terms tranquillity, space and natural beauty are the most important characteristics of the parks and also the most important motivating factors that influence guests to choose Landal. Landal GreenParks feels closely connected with its immediate environment and is committed to nature, its guests and their mutual interaction. It is a responsible business.

Landal and sustainability

For the employees of Landal GreenParks, holiday is 'our profession'. Unforgettable holidays are part of our nature. Sustainable and Engaged Entrepreneurship is highlighted in all its facets in our Sustainability report: from partners, suppliers, employees, parks and human resources.