Your own park


  • Is your company approaching its 25th anniversary and you want to celebrate this with your staff and their families? Invite them away for a quaint and cosy weekend at a bungalow park, and not just any park: 'your own park'.
  • Business partner event? Start an incentive campaign for your business partners the price of which would be a weekend away with their families to 'your own park'.
  • The annual kick-off meeting with your sales team in 'your own park'.
View our event testimonials for in-depth case studies of businesses, which have reached their goals on their own park.

Exclusivity not required?

You have the opportunity to rent part of a park according to the size of your group and your preferences.

Custom events

Because of the diverse nature of our parks, we can imagine that you 'can hardly see the wood for the trees.' Our experienced events team is familiar with all the parks and would be pleased to talk through some options with you.


Which location will you choose?

Discovering a location which you can exclusively rent, where you can find overnight accommodation for a large group, and take part in team building, dining, celebration and recreation activities is a challenge. With Landal GreenParks you have the opportunity to rent a bungalow park in its entirety as 'your own park' for one or more nights. With more than 90 parks (large and small) in 9 countries, we can offer a location for every size of group. For example you can rent 'your own park' for as few as 30 people in Zeeland. Ideally suited for a multi-day business trip, company anniversary, family or business partner event or may be something else. Our largest park can accommodate 3,000 guests.