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Frequently asked questions

Arrival and stay
  • What are the opening times of the park reception?

    For all your questions and information about the park and your stay, please contact the park reception. The park receptions have varying opening hours. For the opening hours of the park receptions please visit our website. You will find the opening hours for your park of choice under the heading ‘Information’. Here you will also find the contact information of the park.

  • What are the arrival and departure times?

    On the day of arrival, keys and accommodation are available from 16:00. It is possible to arrive at the park earlier and use our facilities or explore the surroundings in advance! On the day of departure, you must return the keys to reception by 10:30 a.m. at the latest. If reception is closed, you can return the keys in the key box provided.

  • I want to pick up/return my key outside the opening hours of the park reception. What should I do?

    If you would like to pick up or return your key outside the opening hours of the park reception, you must inform the park reception in advance. The park reception can then make an appointment with you to pick up or return your key. On our website you can find the contact information of the specific park.

  • Is a deposit requested at the parks on arrival?

    The park is allowed to ask for a maximum deposit of €500 per accommodation. This is also included in the General Terms and Conditions. In most cases the park will inform you of this in advance. If you wish to know whether a deposit is required in advance, we advise you to contact the park reception.

  • Where can I find the inventory list for the accommodation?

    On our website you can view the layout of the bungalows (such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms), but there is no inventory of the accommodations as inventory may vary per bungalow. If you have any questions about the inventory of the accommodations, please contact the reception of the park in question. On our website you can find the contact information of the park.

  • What documents do I need to check in at the park?

    On arrival at the park, we ask the employer to report to reception. If possible, it would be nice if he knows the reservation number received when booking. On arrival at the park, you may be asked for proof of identity.

  • Do I also have to fill in the night registration form?

    When staying at one of our parks, you must complete a night registration form. Filling it out ahead of time will save you time at the park reception. The night registration form can be downloaded here. Your and your travel group's data will be processed for the benefit of the relevant municipality, including in the event of an emergency. Our systems may process the data. In the case of a large check-in (multiple bungalows), we may make special arrangements with you to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Reservations, modifications and cancellations
  • How can I request a price quote?

    On our website, you can easily request a quote online. This can be done via the orange button: request a quote.

  • Can I make a reservation with a specific accommodation number?

    It is possible to reserve a specific accommodation or several accommodations close together for a group. If you have a preference for a specific accommodation, please let us know when you book so we can take this into account.

  • Can I make a reservation with a discount code?

    No, unfortunately you cannot use a discount code to book via the Landal Business Line department. You can only use a discount code for a private booking. However, if you make a private reservation, you will not receive a VAT invoice.

  • What is the price if I want to book a stay for a different rental period?

    We use standard arrival and departure days at Landal GreenParks, which are Monday and Friday. We also use standard stay periods, such as midweek, weekend, and week stays. However, it is (almost) always possible to arrive on different days and stay at one of our parks for a different period of time. The prices for renting accommodation are based on the week, weekend, or midweek price of the relevant period.

  • What VAT rate applies?

    The prices you receive from Landal Business Line always include VAT, unless otherwise indicated. When renting an accommodation, the low VAT rate of 9% applies in the Netherlands. Most mandatory extras have the same low rate. The tourist tax is exempt from VAT. Some extras are subject to the 21% VAT rate. Your invoice will include this breakdown. The VAT rate of the relevant country applies to reservations at parks located outside of the Netherlands. This breakdown will also appear on your invoice.

  • Am I obliged to pay for bed linen for a stay?

    Bed linen is a mandatory rental at Landal GreenParks. The 2021 costs for this are as follows: € 8.95 per person per week and, if applicable, cot linen is € 7.50 per child per week. If a cot is not standardly included in the bungalow, we will charge an extra fee for the cot rental.

  • What extras can I add to my booking?

    It is possible to have a completely relaxed stay at our parks. For example, we can arrange for beds to be made upon arrival and a set of towels and kitchen towels to be provided in the bungalows. We can also arrange for a shopping package to be delivered to the bungalows upon arrival, as well as a freshly prepared breakfast delivered to the bungalows every day.

  • When must I pay for my booking?

    Payment must be made according to the payment terms specified in the contract or in the booking confirmation. These terms correspond to the term(s) specified in your invoice. In the case of last-minute bookings, we ask that you make payment as soon as possible. This will be specified in the contract or confirmation.

  • How can I change my reservation and/or add any extras?

    You have 14 days before your arrival to change your reservation. Please contact the Business Line department to do so. This applies for changing bungalows, extras, programs, and the number of people. There may be a charge for the change, depending on the nature of the change. We will notify you if this is the case. Changing a reservation is always subject to availability. Changing the number of bungalows to fewer bungalows is considered a partial cancellation. This is subject to the cancellation conditions stated in your contract or booking confirmation.

  • Is it possible to extend my stay?

    It is possible to extend your stay based on availability. Our parks have a maximum stay of 26 weeks. If you need to extend your stay, please call us at 088 - 205 98 88.


  • How can I cancel my booking and what are the consequences?

    Change(s) or cancellation of the booking will only be considered if confirmed by e-mail. The cancellation date will be the next arrival day (Monday or Friday) following the day Landal GreenParks receives the e-mail. You have the right to cancel your reservation in accordance with the cancellation terms stated in your contract or booking confirmation.

  • Is it possible to organise an event at one of the parks of Landal GreenParks?

    Yes, this is possible both in the Netherlands and abroad. Let us work together to make your event an unforgettable experience! We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Please contact us on 088 - 205 98 88.

  • Can I organise a conference at Landal Business Line?

    Yes, a number of parks are suitable for hosting a congress. The size, form, and content of the congress determine which parks these are. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. Please contact us on 088 - 205 98 88.

  • What are the possibilities for group- and team-building activities at the parks?

    Our parks offer many different options for group and teambuilding activities. The possibilities vary per park. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. Contact us on 088 - 205 98 88.

  • What catering establishments are available on the parks?

    This varies per park and can be found on the website of the park in question. In addition, at some parks we have extensive banqueting facilities and it is sometimes possible to book a breakfast package. Would you rather eat in your own bungalow? At some parks, you can also book a gourmet package and/or barbecue package.

  • Are there accommodations especially for groups?

    Yes, accommodation for up to 32 people is available. It is also possible to book multiple accommodations at the same time. Please contact us to discuss the options.

  • Is it possible to rent an entire park?

    Are you looking for an unique experience? Then renting a park (or a portion of one) is a must. This will make your event one to remember! Meetings, accommodation, and parties are all in one location. We have a variety of parks. We will be delighted to discuss with you which park would be best suited to the event and number of attendees. Do you want to be in the middle of the woods, on the beach, or in a winter sports area? Everything is possible. Take a look at the options for renting a park.

  • Are there Landal GreenParks Giftcards that I can issue as an incentive?

    With the Landal Giftcard you can give someone a stay at one of our parks as a gift. Or contribute to the rental costs. You can choose an amount between €5 and €150.   
    If you choose the digital version, you or the recipient will receive the giftcard by e-mail. If you prefer to receive the Landal Giftcard by post, it will be sent to you. The card is activated with the code we send by e-mail. More information or ready to order?


  • Is it possible to hold a meeting at one of the parks of Landal GreenParks?

    Landal GreenParks provides the option of holding meetings at various parks in the Netherlands and abroad. Everything is possible at Landal GreenParks, from a meeting in Limburg to a meeting in Friesland, and from a meeting in a park in the middle of the woods to a meeting on the coast. An overview of our meeting parks and the options available at these parks can be found here. The Landal Business Line team will gladly advise you on the options available at our parks.


  • Is it possible to reserve a meeting room for one day?

    It is certainly possible to reserve our meeting rooms for one day. For the possibilities at each park and to reserve, please contact the reception desk of the park in question. The contact information for each park is available on our website.

  • Is it possible to organise multi-day meetings?

    Yes, it is certainly possible to organise multi-day meetings at Landal GreenParks. Our parks feature a full-service concept: everything in one park surrounded by nature. Our parks therefore lend themselves perfectly for combining your meeting with an outdoor programme, various F&B options and/or comfortable accommodations. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you plan an inspiring multi-day programme.

  • Do you also offer meeting packages?

    Yes, we have put together a number of meeting packages for you.

    • 4-hour meeting package
    • 8-hour meeting package
    • 12-hour meeting package
    The content and price of these meeting packages may vary per park. More information about these meeting packages is available here. It is also possible to combine meetings with team building activities or a F&B programme. The Landal Business Line staff will be happy to advise you about the possibilities in our parks.

  • Is it possible to hold meetings in the bungalow?

    Yes, it's certainly possible to meet in a bungalow. There are several possibilities for this. You can have a meeting in one of the regular large bungalows or book the all-in-one Business Bungalow concept. We will gladly work with you to find the location that best meets your needs. Various parks have large accommodations for 12, 16, 24 or even 32 people, which are extremely suitable for meetings. The Landal Business bungalow concept consists of three detached 6-person bungalows grouped together, each with three 2-person bedrooms. In addition, there is a detached meeting bungalow that serves as a communal area and features a spacious sitting area, a large dining kitchen and a large terrace with barbecue facilities. These bungalows are located in the middle of nature and are therefore an excellent location for an MT meeting or a training session. More information about these business bungalows can be found here

  • Is it possible to combine a meeting with teambuilding activities?

    Yes, this is certainly possible. Depending on the choice of park, it is possible to organise a wide range of activities. This is often done by the park's Fun & Entertainment team, but we also collaborate with external organisations. Some examples of team-building activities:

    • An active sailing trip that promotes teamwork
    • A relaxing walk with the forest ranger
    • Hitting the golf ball on the driving range
    • A pub quiz at the restaurant
    • A sushi workshop where you prepare your own food

  • Is it possible to combine a meeting with drinks, a dinner or an evening programme?

    Yes, that is certainly possible; the Business Line staff will gladly inform you of the options. Depending on the park, you can combine your meeting with drinks, dinner, a beach barbecue, or an evening program. If you stay overnight, you can have a freshly prepared breakfast delivered to your bungalow or have breakfast in the restaurant with your group. A lot is possible, and we will gladly collaborate with you to develop a fully customized proposal.

  • Is it possible to have an outdoor meeting at one of the parks?

    Landal GreenParks stands for Green, which is also reflected in our meeting facilities. How about holding your meeting in a real teepee tent, for example? This outdoor location lends itself perfectly to a meeting in a special place. You can also organise your break-out session outside at a picnic bench or combine your meeting with a nice walk in the surroundings of the park guided by a forest ranger.

  • How can you make your stay even more pleasant?

    Landal Business Line can take the worry out of your business stay in a bungalow. For example, we can deliver a grocery package or a freshly prepared breakfast right to your bungalow! Did you book the comfort package? Then we also make sure your bed is made and a towel package and kitchen towels are ready for you at the bungalow. This frees up your time and energy to focus on your corporate goals or relax after a meeting. You can even eat a fun meal around a table grill with all your guests. This will transform your business meeting into a casual and informal gathering. Want to treat yourself to more luxury? Then join us in our restaurant for a three-course dinner. Our extra service provides you with more convenience for a more enjoyable stay. By combining luxury with the comfort of home, we ensure a pleasant stay for your corporate guests. Can't find what you are looking for in our selection? Please contact us so we can put together a customised service. 

  • What possibilities are there for care groups at Landal GreenParks?

    Landal GreenParks offers a wide range of care accommodations. Care and holidays go well together! At Landal GreenParks there are special bungalows for guests with a disability, dialysis patients, guests with a hearing impairment, blind or a visual impairment and guests with respiratory diseases. A number of parks also offer accommodations for groups who travel with assistance. The Landal Business Line staff will be happy to advise you about the possibilities

  • Can customised care also be offered in the accommodations?

    For guests who need extra assistance and care, Landal GreenParks has entered into a partnership with Comfortzorg, one of the best and most experienced organisations in the field of home care at holiday locations. Through the Comfortzorg network, you can count on receiving all the care and aids you also receive at home at any of our Dutch parks. The desired nursing, care and requests for care aids will be planned and documented in telephone consultation with you. For this you need to contact Comfortzorg yourself via telephone number +31 (0)900-234 12 34.

  • Do any of the parks have accommodations suitable for the disabled?

    Yes, at several parks you will find adapted accommodation for disabled people. For example, the bathroom, toilet and/or kitchen are adapted. There may also be extra wide doors or a paved access path to the accommodation.

  • Are there also parks with accommodation suitable for asthma patients?

    People with asthma/COPD can stay in specially adapted asthma/COPD-friendly accommodation, called lung villas. These accommodations have smooth floor coverings such as laminate and tiled floors. There is no fireplace (with the exception of a few parks). We have also taken into account the guidelines of the Dutch Lung Fund when choosing the material for curtains and furniture. Naturally, there is no smoking in these accommodations and pets are not allowed. In addition, our staff follows special instructions for cleaning the accommodation and we adhere to the guidelines of the Lung Fund.

  • What possibilities are there for schools/associations at Landal GreenParks?

    You are also welcome to visit Landal GreenParks parks on a study or school trip. We offer activities for groups at or near the park in addition to accommodation for larger groups. We will be happy to advise you on your options. Please contact us at 088 - 205 98 88.

  • Is it possible to book several bungalows next to each other or close together?

    Yes, you can book multiple accommodations next to each other in all parks. Please call us at 088 205 98 88. We will discuss the options and see what is available together.

  • How many parks does Landal GreenParks have with accommodation for 10 people or more?

    Landal GreenParks has 13 parks with accommodations for 10 to 32 people. In addition, we have reunion bungalows at three parks. These reunion bungalows consist of three detached 6-person bungalows (situated next to each other) with a bungalow that has been completely transformed into a very spacious living room with a large kitchen. You can stay with up to 18 people in the three bungalows and have breakfast here with your own group of friends or school group. You can use the luxurious living room bungalow as a meeting place where you can gather and even cook and dine with 18 people.

  • How long in advance can I book?

    Bookings can be made up to a year in advance. 


  • Is a deposit requested at the parks on arrival?

    Landal GreenParks may ask for a deposit at the beginning of your stay. The deposit is a maximum of €500 per accommodation. This amount may be adjusted by Landal GreenParks in the event of special circumstances, such as group bookings. The deposit will be paid on site in euros. This is also included in the General Terms and Conditions. 

  • How can you make your stay even more pleasant?

    Landal Business Line can take the worry out of your stay in a bungalow. We can provide a grocery package for your bungalow or a freshly prepared breakfast delivered straight to your door! Did you book the comfort package? Then we will make sure that your bed is made and that there is a towel package and kitchen towels ready for you in the bungalow. With our extra service we make your stay even more pleasant and convenient. If we do not (yet) have something in our selection, we can accommodate many other wishes with our customised service.

  • What catering establishments are on the parks?

    Most Landal parks have one or more dining options, from a snack bar to a la-carte restaurants. The selection differs per park and is listed on the park pages. In addition, at a large number of parks we offer extensive banqueting services and you can book a breakfast service. Would you prefer to eat in your own bungalow? At most parks we offer a Party Grill package and barbecue packages. In addition, each accommodation has a kitchen so you and your group can also choose to cook for yourself. We would like to invite you to discuss your wishes with us. The staff of Landal Business Line will be happy to provide you with more information. 

  • What are the possibilities for group and team building activities at the parks?

    All our parks are located in the middle of nature and can best be described as peaceful, spacious and surrounded by nature. After all,: Landal Business Line is extraordinary business. You will find several possibilities for group and teambuilding activities in and around our parks. We select those parks that fulfil your wishes. 

Temporary housing
  • Can I accommodate employees in Landal GreenParks' accommodations?

    Yes, this is possible. You can book for up to 25 consecutive weeks. Interested? For more information and availability for your employees, please contact us

  • Can I reserve accommodation for employees for a longer period of time?

    It is possible to book accommodation for a longer period. At Landal Business Line you can reserve for a maximum of 26 consecutive weeks. For details, availability, prices, conditions and reservations, please contact us or request a free quote.

  • I'm looking for temporary housing for a couple of months. From what price per month can I reserve a stay at Landal GreenParks?

    On our website you will find various price indications for several parks for a 4-week period. These include price indications for the parks that accommodate most of our long-term guests. The price indications are average prices based on an annual price. Please note that the prices are subject to seasonal demand. For example, a stay in November may be cheaper than the average price and a stay in the summer months may be more expensive. Interested in one of the other parks of Landal GreenParks? Then ask for a free quote.

  • When can I book as a private person with the Landal Business Line?

    This is possible if you want to stay at one of our parks for a longer period of time (from 29 nights) or if you want to book several bungalows (21 or more). We will send you an email with a proposal. We will send you a contract once you have agreed to the proposal. We will finalize the booking after you sign it. In that case we would like to refer you to Landal GreenParks or contact our colleagues at the Contact Centre via +31 (0)900 8842.

  • I want to book a long-term stay at one of your parks, how does this work?

    Please tell us your wishes for a long-term stay (preferred park, period and number of persons) and we will send you a price quote by e-mail. If you agree, we will require your address and contact information to draw up the agreement for you. After we send you the agreement, the bungalow is temporarily reserved for you. As soon as we have received your signed agreement, we will convert this temporary reservation into a definite reservation. Within a few days you will receive the invoice by email with the different payment terms. The down payment (first term) has to be paid within two weeks after signing, the remaining amount will be divided over different payment terms. If the arrival date of the stay takes place within four weeks, counting from the booking date, the first four weekly instalment must also be paid in advance. Landal Business Line applies a notice period of four weeks. Of course, you can read all the conditions in the agreement we send you when you want to book a long-term stay. 

  • Is there a washing machine in the bungalow where I will stay for a longer period of time?

    No, a washing machine is not a standard feature in the bungalows of Landal GreenParks. It differs per park and type of accommodation. On our website you can see the exact features and amenities of each accommodation. If there is no washing facility in the bungalow, many parks will offer a central laundry facility at the park. You can enquire at the reception about the possibilities and prices.

  • How are the prices composed?

    The rental price includes the following:

    • Electricity, gas, water and heating (at normal use)
    • The first cot and high chair, if standardly available in the bungalow
    • Access to park facilities
    • VAT
    The following mandatory costs are not included in the rental price:
    • Reservation fees
    • Bed linen and, if applicable, cot bed linen. If a cot is not standardly included in the bungalow, you will pay extra for the cot.
    • Tourist tax per person, per night (the amount differs per park)
    • Cleaning costs
    • Are you bringing pets with you? You are charged per pet.

  • What VAT percentage is charged?

    The prices you receive from Landal Business Line always include VAT, unless stated otherwise. Accommodation rental in the Netherlands is subject to the low 9% VAT rate. Most mandatory extras are also subject to this low rate. The tourist tax is VAT-exempt. Some extras are charged at the high VAT rate of 21%. This breakdown will be shown on your invoice. Reservations for parks outside the Netherlands are subject to the VAT rate of the country in question. You will also find this breakdown on your invoice.

  • Am I obliged to pay for bed linen for a stay?

    Yes. You pay an additional fee on top of the accommodation rent for bed linen, which we provide as standard. The bed linen package includes duvet, pillow, and mattress covers. This is due to hygiene protocols and regulations, as well as to ensure the quality of the bungalows. A weekly change of bed linen is required and involves a fee.

  • Are all the accommodations furnished?

    Yes, all accommodations in our parks are furnished. Besides a living room, several bedrooms and a bathroom, there is always a fully equipped kitchen. There is no inventory list of the accommodations on our website. If you have any questions about the inventory of the accommodations, please contact the reception of the park in question. You will find the contact details for each park on our website.

  • Will it be necessary to move during the rental period?

    If you rent long-term accommodations at one of our parks, you may be required to move during your stay. Some parks require you to move every three months, others do not. It is also possible that because of many preferential bookings during the holiday periods, you may not be able to book a stay in one and the same accommodation. We will note it in the price quote if an interim move will be required during the rental period. Of course, we always do our best to offer a stay that does not require an interim move.


Do you need to ask us a questions and receive an immediate reply? Call +31 (0)88 205 9003 (local rate).

Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM  (except Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons until 1 pm).
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